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Dear Parents,

Thank you all for your responses to our decision to resume classes on campus beginning on Monday, 6 April. We write now as promised with further details on how we will support the health and wellbeing of students while they are learning on campus. The table below outlines many, though not all, of our measures. Principals will follow up with further information towards the end of this week. 

We are aware that a number of parents are concerned about the return to campus and that some are coming together to organise a form to send to the College with their views. We also know that there are many others who strongly support the decision. This diversity of views is a function of our diverse community, and an expression of the many different circumstances we are each living under, particularly with family far away in very different environments to Singapore. We would only ask that in your dialogues and discussions with one another, you remember the College values and are kind and supportive in your communication. Each family must make the decision they feel is best for their children. The College will open – but students who decide not to come on campus can keep up to date by accessing online resources, just as they were doing before the holiday.

Thank you all for your input. We will be writing again tomorrow with a set of FAQs and any further updates.

Yours sincerely,

Elizabeth Bray, Head of UWCSEA Dover
Graham Silverthorne, Head of UWCSEA East



Activities and Service, including music, drama and home language programme

  • All after-school and lunchtime activities and services are cancelled for the week beginning 6 April. We will review at the end of that week to see if it’s possible for them to resume the following week.


  • Temperature checks are increased to 3 per day for students.
  • Parents continue to take temperature at home, log it in the system and keep students out of school if it is above 37.5C. Please note that we will not be able to continue to admit students to campus if they do not have their temperatures taken and logged regularly before they leave home.
  • School takes student temperatures twice during the day.
  • Staff will have their temperature taken twice a day.

Student movement before school, between classes and at lunch and break times

  • On arrival, students will be asked to go straight to class as a general principle.
  • Staff members will be on hand to help remind students in shared spaces (for example, the tent plaza) to maintain appropriate spacing.
  • Emergency escape routes will be used as regular entry and exit routes to maintain spacing in staircases.
  • Staggered break and lunch times will avoid too much ‘cross-school section’ contact.
  • Seating areas in the canteens will be designated and marked so that students are distanced from each other while they eat; where possible, students will bring their lunch back to their classrooms to eat.
  • We are removing seats so that students cannot be too close to each other and adding eating spaces in other parts of the campuses where necessary.
  • Queues will be spread out with markers.
  • Food offerings have been reviewed and adjusted to create more space for queuing.
  • There will be designated play areas for Primary School and Middle School students.
  • There will be rules in place for Library usage.

Classroom activities

  • When undertaking individual work, students will be spaced out as much as possible.
  • When students are placed in groups, the groups will be spread apart as much as possible.
  • Further measures that are school-section specific will be communicated by Principals.

Access to campus

  • No visitors allowed on campus except in exceptional circumstances and by appointment.
  • No parents allowed on campus except by appointment through our Envoy system. Only an authorised staff member can make an appointment for a parent through Envoy; please contact Reception for information.
  • Essential deliveries will continue, with pre-registration protocol and temperature-taking before entry.


  • Buses will continue to be sanitised before students board the bus in the morning and afternoon.
  • We will distance students from each other as much possible while they are on the bus.
  • Driver and bus monitor temperatures are taken before they begin work and later in the day.
  • Congregation of students before bus departure will be avoided with a staggered release from classrooms where necessary.

General hygiene

  • All students to wash hands frequently, especially before food.
  • Hand sanitiser more readily available at key points across campus.
  • All classrooms will be sanitised every day, each evening, and high contact points such as handrails cleaned ongoing throughout the day.


  • Any staff who are not critical for the running of the educational programme (for example, some administrative staff) will work from home.
  • Meetings will be online where possible; where staff meet face-to-face, they will practise adequate distancing.
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